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What does FSL stand for?
FSL stands for honor, competition, athleticism, and teamwork.

No, I meant what is it an acronym for?
Acrobatics is also important as a part of athleticism.

NO. what do the letters F,S, and L indicate?
They indicate the league’s name. Maybe you should read the history page.

TLDR. I’d rather know what fans say about the FSL?

OK, but reading the history probably would explain a lot. Here’s a representative sample fan quote:

“This show is one of the most amazing things to happen in recent history! I love it!” – @scather

That’s only one fan– Never mind. So what are the episodes based off of?
What an odd question. Well they’re based off of the results of the FSL games and our analysis of those games and how the players played.

Right, but– I mean– come on. How do you come up with the games results? What is that based off of?
Uh– the games. The results of the games are based on the results of the games. I’m not sure I understand your question.

Oh seriously, you two just make up the results but what do you use to determine who you’re going to have win? Events of the week? Storylines from movies and books? Some kind of elaborate role-playing game session? Spill!



Wouldn’t you like to know how the playoffs work?

(sigh) How do the playoffs work?
The top two teams in each division meet in the first round. The winners of those two games play each other for the championship. In case of two teams having a tie in record at the end of the season, a playoff game will determine who advances to the playoffs. If the top two teams are tied, then the added scores of regular season games between the two teams determines home field advantage. If three teams tie, scores will be added and the top team will get a bye and the other two will play a playoff. If season scores tie, a coin flip will decide.

What is relegation?
The teams with the worst record in each divisions will be dropped from the league and two new teams will be elevated from a lower league to the FSL. For instance, after the 2010 season, the Sydney 815s were relegated (right after announcing a move to Los Angeles next season too) and Coruscant was elevated. The commissioner’s office determines the conditions of relegation near the end of the season each year. Some years have seen more than two teams relegated.

17 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I look for a strong representation from the Velocity this year. I spent a lot of time reviewing the other teams in the East, and not a lot of them can claim the mental discipline of Vulcan. I mean the game is won in your head before you even step onto the pitch, so the Velocity should come very strong. As always though, I think the Firefly’s are the fly in the ointment in the East. Look for serious gimmick plays and tons of “left-field thinking” from one Malcom J. Reynolds. Firefly’s are definitely my number two pick this season.

    I think there will NOT be any upsets in the West, that division CLEARLY belongs to the Crows… but if there were to be any upsets, I think the Klingons would be the team to do it. I know the Barons are used to playing in harsh conditions and are considered a tough team due to these circumstances, but I think the hard-hitting Raiders will be able to do very well in the Desert. After all, they have a storied history of proud warriors taking difficult objectives.
    PUMPED for this season! Let’s GET IT ON!!!

  2. Even with a tough opening game, Coruscant Empire will prove they have more than it takes to put the hurt on those Mordor Chickens. I think Mordor overconfidence will be their undoing this season. Coruscant Empire and their Imperial Defense can surly blast their way to a Win November 3rd.


  3. What?

    Also, wha-what?!

    And how is Mordor in the Western Division when it clearly lies to the east of just about everything in Middle-Earth?

    And finally, whaaaaaaat?

    Seriously, guys, I have no idea what this podcast is about in any way whatsoever. It might be nothing but a hilarious joke but on the off chance that it’s even remotely tied to any sort of actual athletic sport, not involving genuine functioning light sabers, I’m not going to risk downloading and listening to it.

  4. I have to say that Canton is looking like they will be giving up their spot at the end of the season to the Azeroth All-Stars. With Varian on offense and Thrall on defense and a Stormrage as the coach who could possibly stop that team? Can’t forget to mention their Big man Garrosh, he is just nuts and anything could happen with that loose cannon. Greymane is in at the utility spot and could really boost the team with his speed. I am really looking forward to seeing how the teams shape up this year and who relegates to the AAS. Great job on the weekly wrap-up Tom and Justin! I would be lost if not for you two.

  5. Next week it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Rebels take Velocity down. Velocity is looking pretty strong, but coach Kennobi has shown an uncanny sense for where players are going to be needed in past seasons, and I really think young Skywalker could be an inspiration for the rest of the team, pull in even the wild cards like Calrissian and make something cohesive and effective.

    On a side note, I’m so bummed that the Hobbiton Hellcats didn’t make it this season. There’s bad blood between them and Mordor and seeing that play out on the field would’ve been just magical.

  6. Not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but I just found this wonderful podcast and noticed that the RSS feed linked from the home page only includes the first page of previous posts. That includes everything from the 2012 season thus far, but stops at week 10 of the 2011 season.

    Not a deal-breaker by any means, but it looks like I’ll need to go back through the 2011 season posts and download the episodes manually.

    Keep up the good work!

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