Latest Line: Week 1 FSL Odds

FSLLineMitzula of Sportsbook Today just sent along the latest line sheet that got dropped off at the offices today. Looks like folks are softening up on Vulcan and Lannisport but really starting to move money towards Gallifrey. We’ve also got the first look so far this season at opening week matchups.

2 thoughts on “Latest Line: Week 1 FSL Odds

  1. The smart money has moved the Time Lords from 50:1 to 8:1?!?! I think we need a report from the Gallifrey correspondent — what’s going on down there?

  2. The line move is by no means due to the “smart money”. There has been an insane influx of Credits wagered on the Timelords and as a book we need to limit our liability!

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