While the history of the FSL is covered in detail elsewhere, we’re not sure exactly where that is, so we put together a brief.

Many people mistakenly believe FSL is an acronym for “Fantasy Sports League” while even fewer believe it stands for “Florida State League”.

In fact it is not an acronym at all. In the language of ‘The Founders” FSL means ‘Federation of Sporting Leagues”. It is purest coincidence that it is spelled in all caps and could be mistaken for an acronym.

The exact nature of ‘The Founders’ is unknown and there existence outside of time plays havoc with historians ability to reconstruct past events int he league. But at some point, the various sporting associations, like the Westeros League, The Cybertron Matrix, the UFP and others agreed to be governed by one rule-making body, the FSL.

Over the years, the FSL oversaw many championships and tournaments, and eventually organised a yearly ‘premiere’ league which would play a 10 week schedule, two rounds of playoffs and declare an overall champion. This league was originally and officially known as the FSLiac Morventium Circus de Qapla Nangwë! However even league officials, including the appointed commissioner, now refer to it only as the FSL.

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