Alderaan Rebels

Stadium: Killik Coliseum
Coach: Yoda
Colors: Blue and Green
Theme song: I Told Her on Alderaan
Concessions: Alderaan Stew, Alderaan Ruge (wine) Beer
Marketing slogan: All the time in the world

Captain: Bail Organa
Big Main: Chewbacca
Offense: Leia Organa
Defense: Mon Mothma
Utility: Han Solo
(U, C) Luke Skywalker (contract purchased from Tosche Station)
(O, BM) Admiral Ackbar
(D, U) Lando Calrissian

16 thoughts on “Alderaan Rebels

  1. I heard he went cyborg and got a robotic hand after his second season in the galactic rim league. Which reminds me, this league has gone downhill since they allowed robotic augmentations in ’77. Might as well put a bunch of droids in the game, amiright?

  2. Invariant, I couldn’t agree more! Not to trash the league further, but what’s next?!?!? I have heard those dogs from Coruscant are looking into cloning their defensive juggarnaut, Jango. Dirty… just dirty.

    Up the Rebels!

  3. The Rebels do have a promising season ahead of them, but news of an upcoming remodel of the Killik Coliseum by Imperial Galactic Renovators L.L.C. has fans concerned that the team will be forced to relocate home games to a remote site. More news as this situation develops.

  4. Kenobi is a cagey manager, folks. He has a deep, DEEP history from his days as a Player, and he meshed into the coaching role effortlessly. He is a very motivational leader and his knowledge of the game is only surpassed by his old coach, Jedi Master Yoda. He spent his time in the trenches, and if ANYONE can manage this squad to some W’s it’s “Old Ben” Kenobi.

    Bail Organa is a diplomat on and off the field. Constantly looking for that opportunity to push an agenda, but never ruffling the feathers of either his opponents or his teammates. Organa is very solid–look for him to hang under the radar, but come up big when it’s necessary.

    “Chewie” Chewbacca the Wookie. What can you say about this guy? Seriously what can you say… With a reputation of ripping off the arms of opponents after a serious loss, the fines alone could cost him his career. Still, while I agree with Merritt that there can be communication issues with this Big Man, you can’t deny the threat he is on the field.

    Leia “Princess” Organa, WANTS to be like her adopted father. She knows the game and plays it well, but sometimes she has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I think the success of the Rebels hinges on her being able to remain in-play. Otherwise, if someone like “The Vader” or a Moff Tarkin can take her out, it could spell doom for Alderaan.

    Mothma is key in this squad’s defensive scheme. She plays it very close to the vest, and if she has a play–she will NOT hesitate to make it. Her lack of Bothan support has been an issue off the field, but I don’t think it will affect her play very much during the season. Time will tell, though.

    I can’t say enough about how good the bad-boy Solo really is. Han has had is moments in the farm clubs like Corellia and Mos Eisely (not many, but he has had them). But I expect him to come up HUGE for the Rebs. He is a born leader and is the perfect pick for utility, because he can do it all. His legal woes (did he shoot in self defence or was it cold blooded murder) might be a hang-up for his team, but I feel VERY confident in naming him MVP for this unit.

    The bench looks very good, as well. Young Skywalker has yet to make his Big League debut, but rumblings have been very good. The old man, veteran Ackbar, still has some strategy left in that bulbous dome of his. And never count out the gambler, Calrissian. If his loyalties can stay true, I expect some key plays for him.

    The REAL question for the Rebs and the entire East Division, can ANYONE get inside the Velocity’s collective heads and bring that squad down? We will see!

    Can’t WAIT for the start of season to kick-off! FSL Baby!

  5. That Skywalker kid is over rated. Until he starts showing me the skill and the hunger that his old man has, I won’t be impressed.

  6. Over rated? Skywalker is exactly what this team needs! His accuracy is through the roof! It’s like he’s shooting womp-rats from a T-16, and they’re not much bigger than two meters! But more important than his skills, is the fact that he brings a new perspective to the team. Bail Organa was a great player, sure, but he’s past his prime. He’s calling plays like he’s making speeches to the senate! Skywalker might not have experience, but there’s a raw power there that I think Kenobi is ready to shape into a powerful player in the upcoming season.

  7. Are you kidding? All Luke ever does is whine about heading back to Tashi Station for Power Converters. Alderaan would have a better chance if they benched him and played an R2 unit.

  8. That Skywalker kid is just a farm boy in over his head. The real stand out in the spring training roster this year was his wingman Wedge Antilles. I’d say that Wedge has the chops to survive any assault the league could send at him. Sadly, he’s not even in the roster as an alternate this year.

  9. Okay, I’m seeing all this drama flying around Skywalker, and I’m starting to worry that Rebels fans are pinning too much on the poor kid. Yeah, I know he played at Tosche Station, but that’s a bush league at the very best. You pull him up to the bigtime pressure of the FSL, with all this hype and expectations, that’s a lot of pressure for a rookie to take.

  10. All this focus on Skywalker we are ignoring the most important thing! The Rebels aren’t letting Solo and Chewy do their thing. They are trying to fit a round peg in a square hole with Skywalker. Skywalker is upsetting the duo’s style. If they just put the game in Chewy and Solo’s hands they will avoid being regulated!

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