Coruscant Senators

Stadium: Bail Organa Memorial Stadium
Owner: Mon Mothma (And Alliance of Investors)
Coach: Leia Organa
Becnh Coach: Admiral Ackbar
Colors: Blue and Green
Theme song: I Told Her on Alderaan
Concessions: Nerf sausage, Haarshun bread, Alderaan Ruge (wine), Beer
Marketing slogan: The Empire is No More!

Coruscant SenatorsCaptain: Poe Dameron
Big Main: Chewbacca
Offense: FN-2187 “Finn”
Defense: Han Solo
Utility: Rey

Temmen “Snap” Wexley

Luke Skywalker – On Leave
R2D2 – Day to Day

Out for season – Lor San Tekka

4 thoughts on “Coruscant Senators

  1. Their REAL slogan should be “Join us (or DIE!!!)” because I think this team has the potential to slaughter their opponents on the field, and possibly off. Unfortunately for the Empire, they are the team that most wants to BE the Crows. There are a lot of individuals on this team. An oxymoron of the highest caliber.

    BUT, if anyone can beat this squad into submission, it’s the front man for the organization: Palpatine. The “Emperor” is a no-nonsense general who will make a cutthroat decision at the drop of a hat. He literally is unmerciful and not nearly as forgiving as his players. He will force-squeeze a win out, even if it means sacrificing one of his own. His one weakness may be his over-confidence.

    Backing up the Emperor’s decisions on and off the field is his spokesman, Moff Tarkin. Tarkin has been playing for a long time. He knows the strategies, and he’s seen all the tricks. Even thought Tarkin has probably forgotten more about the game than most will ever learn, I don’t see him playing past this season. But he may surprise me; he doesn’t have a reputation for retreating (even when it makes good sense).

    D.V. Skywalker is a threat, anywhere on the field. He plays the center-role well because of his sheer size, but don’t let that fool you, he’s a utility player dressed as the big man. His instincts are always great and his ability to come up clinch is legendary. Expect his temper to negatively affect his club-house, because it is also legendary. Allegations of assaulting fellows didn’t begin or end with “Captain” Needa.

    Fett the Younger is a Phenom in the air, or on the ground. He is a consummate professional and will do anything it takes to get the job done. If there is a chink in his armor, it’s his pride. His reputation for holding onto a vendetta could get him into some low spots.

    Jango Fett’s ability to use either his right or his left is key to his powerhouse defense. If injury or blind luck causes a fault in ability to attack and push high, this could spell doom for the Empire’s desire to keep points from the opposition off the board.

    Looking at this bench could be very scary and extremely intimidating to foes. With a master strategist (and some say a psychologist) like Thrawn, with Generals Grievous and Veers as back up choices, the Empire is a serious threat–even if forced to go to their alternates. Veers’ knowledge of the ground game is un-paralleled, and Grievous’ aggression and relentless attacks make him deadly to any defense.

    This team’s biggest threat (outside the locker room) is of course, that perennial powerhouse, The Mordor Crows. Look for a showdown late in the season, because this will be a hammer/anvil situation. Except that Mordor is both Hammer and Anvil. Ouch, Coruscant.

  2. Alright 2012 is the empire year… I know alot of people think basemant and sleeper but not me, The Empire will win it all!!!!!!

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