Arrakis Sandworms

Stadium: Sareer Stadium
Owner/Coach: Leo Atreides II
Colors: Green and Black
Theme song: Worm Song
Concessions: Spice beer, Spice coffee, Spice dogs
Marketing slogan: The Golden Path… to victory!

Captain: Fish Speaker Nayla
Big Main: Moneo
Offense: Duncan Idaho
Defense: Siona
Utility: Hwi Noree
(U, BM) Malky
(U, O) Fish Speaker
(D, U) Fish Speaker

9 thoughts on “Arrakis Sandworms

  1. Until they can get over the controversy of their meteoric rise, no amount of wins in the ‘verse can spell a successful season for this blue-blooded, spice-bought, worm-killing, desert-dwelling band.

  2. The Barons will continue to lose until Vladimir Harkonnen realizes the potential of Fremen players like Stilgar and Liet. Either one could take the place of Yueh AND Shadout Mapes all by themselves. And about the spicing… if they don’t test for it, it ain’t illegal.

  3. These guys are the true Bad Boys of the league, they’re dirty and will do whatever it takes to win just like the late 80’s/early 90’s version of the Detroit Pistons! The Raiders have too much honor to claim the same, and too many good guys (Worf, Alexander, Kahless, Gowron) who will hesitate when that killer instinct is called for. The Arrakis Barons have a near-Kwisatz Haderach in Feyd Rautha, the hottest defense in Irulan, and the best concessions. Mordor is strong, but everything relies on the ring staying alive (if not making it back to the owner) – once the ring goes, Mordor is finished.

  4. Harkonnen out! He can’t lead this team. It’s about time the “Barons” return to their old glory as the “Hawks”! The Sons of Atreus shall rise again. And why aren’t they playing in Arakeen?!?!

  5. Ok, Big shake up this season on Arrakis. It’s just not the same team. I wonder why they didn’t change the team mascot as well?

    “Arrakis Dukes”

    Well, there’s my answer!

    • Arrakis Sandworms then. Much better, and Black and Green are a good color combo. Let’s see if they can make use of some Desert Power

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